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The CD Microsystems Data Collector Engine is the heart of a Plant Floor Data Collection System.

The Data Collector is a small windows application (or service) that can run on any PC on the plant network (Intranet, Extranet or Internet).  The Data Collector monitors the Plant Floor equipment via OPC Server(s) constantly checking for a trigger condition (as defined in the DC Management Studio).  When a trigger occurs, the Data Collector collects, processes and writes via TCP/IP to the data store using instructions configured remotely using the Management Studio.


In the simplest system a single Data Collector can run on a PC, which can be a simple Windows XP or Vista box running SQL Server, providing a 1 PC solution to collector store and report plant floor data to the Enterprise.



The system is scalable to allow any number of Data Collectors to be distributed throughout the enterprise (Including remote locations, satellite plants, etc.) providing collected data to a Windows Server cluster providing limitless possibilities.



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