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Shell-O-Matic 5 Axis articulated Robot

C.D. Microsystems engineered and developed a PC based robot control systems for Shell-O-Matic corporation of Montreal PQ Canada.  This 5 axis robot is available in payload sizes from 140 to 1500lbs.  Designed for slurry/sand dipping for the investment casting industry.

These robots are in use worldwide.  The program has been offered in English, Italian, German and Spanish language versions.  The custom software developed by C.D. Microsystems allows a single PC to act as a five axis coordinated motion controller, a PLC, and a man machine interface.

Key Benefits

  • High performance yet low cost design has made this product Shell-O-Matic's best seller since 1989.
  • Options such as Ultrasonic level detectors, joystick interfaces and pouring systems, combined with custom programming if required has allowed this robot to perform well in many varied applications.
  • The robot is extensible via communication to PC's utilizing remote programming and scheduling programs.


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