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This page is for the more technically inclined.

C.D. Microsystems Data Collection and Presentation system is an integrated product combining the CD Microsystems Data Collection Management Studio, CD Microsystems Data collection software, your choice of OPC data servers, Microsoft SQL server with Report Services,  and CD Microsystems SPC Graphing Custom Report Item for reporting services.

Technologies Leveraged

COTS (Commercial Off The Shelf) Products

  • SQL Server 2005
  • Reporting Services for SQL Server
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • The Microsoft .Net Platform
  • Commercially available OPC Servers (RSLinx, Kepware, etc.)


  • Ethernet TCP/IP
  • OPC .Net
  • Report Definition Files
  • Microsoft Visual Studio
  • Web Server for Reports

CD Microsystems Products

  • CDM Data Collector Engines
  • CDM HMI Toolkit Event Logger Components
  • CDM Data Collector Management Studio
  • CDM SPC Reporting CRI (Custom Report Item)

What is the Data Collector Engine

The Data Collector engine is a small (144kb) Windows Executable (or Service) which runs continuously on a PC with access to the required OPC Servers.  The data collector provides a connection to the Data Store Server, Interprets the setup it queries from the server, and monitors the status of the collection operation.  The heart of the data collection is in the CDM HMIToolkit (a small 204kb dll) event logger component which is utilized by the Data Collector.  Each Event Logging component, defined  for a given collector with the Data Collector Management Studio, will be handled by an instance of the Event logging component.

The Event Logger Components each connect to the plant floor equipment through an OPC Server and monitor for changes in their trigger expressions.  These expressions usually reference one or more monitored tags in the plant floor equipment, and/or Date and time functions.  When a trigger threshold is reached the event logger triggers a logging event to occur. 

The Event logger than acquires current, real time, readings of all tags referenced in the expressions to be logged to the Data Store.  One or more rows are then written, each with the configured columns of the selected database table.

What is the Data Collector Management Studio

DCMS is a Windows program that can connect data collection system administrators securely as a client of the Server, either locally or remotely.  It's primary responsibility is to facilitate management of the Data Collection Process. 

The DCMS handles all details of setting up both the database schema and the collection engines.  Creation of data base tables, adding columns to tables, defining column types and even handling index creation is handled intuitively by the DCMS so little or no knowledge of SQL server is required to manage the system.  Of course the database is Open so SQL Server management studio can also be used for data base maintenance functions if desired.

Also included is a Framework tree structure designed to segment the enterprise in a logical manner using ISA88/95 standards recommendations.

Queries can be created and run, backups and restores executed, SQL scripts can be opened and executed.

SPC Reporting CRI

The SPC Reporting Custom Report Item is a plug in to the SQL Server Reporting Services framework.  It is an SPC analysis and graphing component that allows SPC charts to be added to Reports available from the server.

  • X-Bar
  • Range Charts (R-Bar)
  • C, U Charts



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