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Programming is the key to any successful implementation of a high technology control system.  Many companies do not have the need or resources to maintain a qualified control system programmer on staff at all times.  This is where C.D. Microsystems comes in.  We can provide the necessary high quality programming expertise your company needs, on demand.  When the project is complete, you no longer have to pay an on staff programmer a salary and benefits.  No office, no computer, no phone, no payroll costs to eat into your profits.

Key Benefits

  • Highly qualified, experienced programmers at a fair price.
  • Many control systems and programming languages supported.
  • Access to 23 years of toolkits, subroutines and models to draw from.
  • Reduces or eliminates the need for expensive on staff personnel.


Control systems programming often involves the coordination of several programmable devices which must communicate together to form an integrated solution.  At the lowest level, PC's, Programmable Logic controllers and/or Open PC controllers coordinate with data acquisition hardware, motion controllers and process controllers to direct the manufacturing cell or process through it's day to day routine.  This low level control system is provided with a Human Machine Interface, or HMI, to allow the personnel responsible for the system to monitor and control the automated process.  To keep competitive in this fast moving economy where product and manufacturing cycles are on fast paced 'internet time', it has become increasingly important for these manufacturing cells to communicate with management personnel and systems at an enterprise level.  This can take the form of Database interactivity, Reporting and graphing functionality, interfacing to products such as Microsoft Excel, Word or Access, and integrating with enterprise SCM/ERP/CIM/DFT/JIT (whose acronyms are changing on a daily basis) and e-commerce systems.

Today's technology demands control systems programmers with skills that cover this range of hardware platforms, programming languages, protocols and interfaces.  C.D. Microsystems can provide you with the solutions you need.

  • Logic, Sequencing, Motion, Machine Vision and Process control
    • We are experienced in many PLC/PC/DCS/Motion platforms including:
      • PLC's (Programmable Logic Controllers)
        • Allen Bradley
        • Mitsubishi
        • GE Fanuc
        • Automation Direct
        • Modicon
        • Omron
        • Pro-Log
      • PC based open control systems
        • Steeplechase VLC Open PC logic control software
        • Think & Do Open PC logic control software
        • Mitsubishi MC2
      • DCS (distributed control systems)
        • ABB Mod300 and Advant systems
        • Delta V
      • Motion Control
        • Allen Bradley
        • Mitsubishi
        • GE Fanuc
        • Omron
        • Parker Compumotor
        • Galil
        • Pacific Scientific
    • Using a variety of programming languages including:
      • Ladder logic /SFC for all platforms
      • Flow Chart programming (Think & do, steeplechase, MC2)
      • Visual Basic, BASIC
      • C#,C++,C
      • .Net Platforms
      • CCF, TCL
      • AB Graphical Motion Language
      • Parker 6000 and 6K series motion command language
    • We have developed and supported machine vision platforms including:
      • Allen Bradley CVIM
      • National Instruments IMAQ
      • AVID corporation
    • And have interfaced with many PC data acquisition products including:
      • DCC Visual Hotmux
      • Keithley
      • Measurement Computing
      • National Instruments
      • Opto 22, etc, etc,
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI/MMI)
    • Experience with many commercial HMI hardware and software products.
      • Allen Bradley (RS View)
      • Intellution
      • Citec
      • Cimplicity (GE)
      • Quick Designer (Total Control)
      • Microsoft Visual Basic
      • Wonderware
      • Automation Direct
      • and many others
    • Use Visual Basic extensively for HMI creation and to extend the limited capabilities of many commercial HMI products.
    • Most importantly, our ability to create HMI interfaces that also provide graphical and database interfaces to provided key personnel with the data they need to manage their processes.
  • Enterprise Level
    • High level programming skills such as:
      • Visual Basic, VBA and VBScript
      • Access application and report development
      • Excel interfacing
      • C++, C
      • .Net, OPC, DCOM, SQL
      • Extensive database experience.


Arc Lamp Assembly machine
C.D. Microsystems provided a complete range of services to design, fabricate and program an extremely advanced control system for a fully automated Arc Lamp Assembly machine for a well known multi-national corporation.  This system was comprised of 52 servo axis, 13 networked Allen Bradley SLC500 PLC's, 2 Windows NT HMI centers programmed using Visual Basic and 2 PC's controlling 7 cameras of machine vision.  This fully networked system controlled a process incorporating 3 Vacuum systems, 3 gas systems, 2 dosing subsystems, and 11 automated stations servicing 8 automated heads of a progressive assembly dial table machine.  It involved 16 mass flow controllers, numerous vacuum and pressure controllers and sensors, 2 infrared pyrometers, 7 machine vision cameras, and hundreds of discrete and analog I/O points.
The extensive HMI incorporated a modern Windows interface, using touch screens, which provided extensive diagnostic, reporting and logging functionality.  A drill down interface allows the operators to quickly locate any device fault to the actuator/sensor level with 3 or fewer clocks.  Each lamp produced is recorded into an Access database which recorders over 50 parameters and process checks.  Built in displays allow personnel to interpret and analyze the data.  Interfaces are provided to export this database to excel and Statistical Process control software for further evaluation.
Blood Pressure Cuff Assembly Machine
C.D. Microsystems provided programming services utilizing Mitsubishis MC2 branded version of Steeplechase VLC to control three machines for a major supplier of automated heat sealing machinery.  Two of these machines produce blood pressure cuffs for one of the best known names in the medical industry, who happens to be one of our oldest and largest clients.  The third produces platelet bags for another major medical manufacturer.  Each of these highly sophisticated machines employed approximately 25 servo axis each which manipulated materials on 8 to 14 stations building product on 2 dial tables of a progressive assembly machine.  These systems utilize the Open PC approach to machine control.  There are no PLC's.  All logic, motion and HMI functions are carried out by a windows NT PC communicating to remote I/O and motion controllers over Mitsubishis' ccLink network.

The system logic was programmed using Steeplechase's VLC flow chart programming language and Intellution MMI Software.  Visual Basic was used to extend the limited HMI capabilities to add automated recipe storage and retrieval.  It was also employed to provided the enterprise with production information and exception logs via Microsoft Excel spreadsheets accessed via the corporate network.

5 Axis articulated robot controller
C.D. Microsystems has been providing a manufacturer of automation equipment for the investment casting industry with the operating and control software for their line of articulated robots for the investment casting industry since 1988.  We designed the control system hardware and software that they have been shipping worldwide since then.  Based in Montreal Quebec Canada, this company has been shipping robots utilizing our software in four languages; English, French, Italian, and German.  This ever evolving software product, which is provided to the OEM on a royalty basis, is running 24/7 as you read this in Japan, Korea, Europe, South America, Canada and of course in the United States.

This PC based control system incorporates the servo axis control, User programmable PLC controller, and HMI in one integrated package all written by C.D.M.  Also available is the ability to communicate with the robot from windows based PC's utilizing windows programs, also written by C.D.M. to provide production scheduling, offline programming and monitoring, and logging functionality.




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