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The programming of computers and controllers is the most critical part of any advanced high technology system.  We are expert programmers with experience covering a wide range of systems and languages.  Click the link above for details...


We provide end to end control systems engineering services from conceptual design through specification, procurement, design, documentation, and training.  For those clients with in-house resources in some of these areas, we are flexible, and can provided only the services our clients desire.  We can work WITH your staff creating a synergy to speed the project to successful completion.


C.D. Microsystems can fabricate, deliver and install your control system as well.  Our engineers can design, layout and mount the control systems components whether selected by C.D.M. or by our clients.  We use CAD tools to assure the best layout possible taking into account temperature specifications, EMI suppression and rejection, signal cross talk, and maintainability.  We then wire the enclosures and outboard equipment, debug and test all components and train your people to use and support the system.

C.D. Microsystems continues to support it's customers long after systems are installed.  We are available to assure your systems stay running and can always assist in continuous process improvements.  We can service and support any control system even if it was not provided by C.D. Microsystems.
C.D. Microsystems is proficient at the many documents and procedures required to comply with federal agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration.  We are experienced with the Pharmaceutical and Medical industries needs for compliance.




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