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Data Collection
Visual Hotmux
Robot Control 

CDM Offers a powerful system for collecting metrics from the plant floor into a relational database and then presenting the results of the collected data to personnel throughout the enterprise via a web based reporting service.  The system is simple to setup using the CDM Data Collector Management Studio.  Its modular design allows collection engines to be distributed across the intranet or internet.

Human Machine Interface

CDM's HMI development suite consists of  components and controls for developing Human Machine Applications using Microsoft Visual Studio .Net.  Our HMI Toolkit includes an OPC Extender component that allows HMI screens to be developed without writing any code using ANY controls from Microsoft or third parties.  The HMIToolkit includes a set of controls which can be used to create indicators, push buttons, swhitches, etc.
Visual Hotmux

The DDC Corporation Hotmux product is a simple, compact 8-channel (Expandable to 128 channels) analog PC based data acquisition system, designed for accuracy, versatility and simplicity.  A data collection system that uses the power of the PC to provide an easy way to collect, display and analyze data.

Robot Control Systems

While most of our designs have been utilized for specialized in house equipment for manufacturing, several of our designs have been used in OEM equipment and our designs have been running 24/7 throughout the world for years.  This link takes you to an example system.



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