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C.D. Microsystems Inc, established in 1979, provides Engineering, Programming and Validation services as well as providing a suite of products to help the markets they serve.  We specialize in Industrial and Process Control system design, Programming Services, an Integration of Plant Floor to the Enterprise.

Our Mission

To provide the best possible level of technical expertise and support to our customers at a fair price.  To continually advance out capabilities to best leverage the power of technology to boost our clients productivity and profits.

Company Profile

C.D. Microsystems provides services to specify, engineer, design, layout, fabricate, and validate industrial and process control systems solutions. We take pride in our ability to provide state of the art technological solutions to large and advanced industrial machinery and robotics problems. Our expertise is especially evident in our PLC, PC, HMI and Motion control programming skills. By providing these necessary skills to our customers, it leaves our customers free to do what they do best - make a profit.

C.D. Microsystems is a member of the OPC Foundation and subscribes to the Microsoft Developers Network program as will as the Think & Do customer referral program.

Our customer base includes many well known names in their industries.  Our customer loyalty is high, most having used our services for many years.

C.D. Microsystems was founded in 1979 by Chris Donnelly.  Having served for several years as a sales engineer for Texas Instruments programmable controllers and GE Fanuc Robotics systems, he saw the gaping need companies had for people with the skills to implement the new technologies he was selling.  C.D.M. directed it's efforts at filling this need for designing and programming industrial solutions utilizing Programmable logic controllers, Personal computers, motion systems, etc.





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